Learn how to use meditation and mindful practices to move your mind and body from a stress state to bring in more peace and happiness.

90% of all illness and disease is caused by some type of stress, by working with these practices you can learn tools that you can use every day to shift your mind and body closer to peace. Leading to a happier, healthier life.

Stilling the waves of the mind through breath work, meditation, yoga and fun mindful practices.


  • You have been feeling a lot of stress and overwhelm

  • You want to reconnect with yourself

  • You want to try meditation and need some support and guidance

  • You feel unhappy or stuck in life and want to start creating the life you dream about

This is the monthly membership for you if


  • You are ready to find more peace and happiness in your life

  • You want the tools to help you cope with stressful situations

  • You want to work through blockages and old beliefs so you can start living life in the best way

ONLY £5.99 per month for unlimited access to ALL OF THIS (VALUE £199)

  • My meditation library, including Yoga Nidra (1 new one added monthly)

    • Morning yoga flow - 20 minutes of breath work and vinyasa flow to energise you for your day

    • A bedtime restorative practice - 20 minutes of breath and restorative yoga to set you up for a deep sleep.

    • A Gentle Yoga Flow

    • My Easy Vegan recipe book - 42 delicious recipes


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  • Increase your intuition/creativity centres

  • Be able to manage ‘life situations’ in better ways

  • Promotes emotional and mental health

  • Become more productive and focused

  • Boost your immunity and energy levels

  • Helps you deal with stresses better

  • Find more happiness in day to day life

  • Work through energy blockages and limiting beliefs

  • The belief you have in yourself and what you believe is possible in life

  • Inspiration and ideas to come more easily allowing you to create the life you want


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