How To Get Rid Of Hay Fever

How to get rid of hay fever - but even better, how to stop it from even occurring!

Start taking this natural remedy every day from end of winter/ early Spring.

I have been seeing so many posts on social media lately about people struggling with hay fever. And have replied to so many people with this remedy that I thought I may as well write a blog post so as many people can benefit as possible.

I have only ever had it once, I think it was in 2012, my Crohn's disease was really flared up so my immune system was low. I think that was the reason why. So I can totally sympathise with the hay fever symptoms. It was a summer of spending all my money on tissues. And all my time sneezing, coughing and spluttering over everything and everyone. 

My husband suffered from it all his life. Every year around April the symptoms would break out and he would be looking like Rudolph for the next five months. He had it bad. He would spend a fortune on remedies from the pharmacy, hay fever tablets, tissues etc. But even the tablets only worked to a certain extent, and if he forgot to take one, it was like the world had ended (you know how men get). 

The year it began for me, was the year I was already searching for natural ways to heal my Crohn's disease. I had stopped taking medication and was instead looking to my diet to help me. It was during this time when I found Jason Vale - The Juice Master. I read stories of people juicing to heal their diseases so I was trying it out. I discovered one of his juice recipes that was to be taken every morning and he had mentioned about it helping hay fever. 

Immediately I went and bought all the ingredients and made a shot for David and me every single morning. Within 2 weeks our symptoms had cleared up. We still kept taking the shots each morning. I then switched over to making the recipe slightly different but easier.


The shot recipe requires you to have a juicer, which I know not a lot of people have, and if you do have one the thought of cleaning the thing for a tiny shot seems annoying and can definitely put you off making it. That is why I came up with another way of getting the beneficial ingredients in you, with way less washing up!

After clearing our symptoms that summer, hay fever never returned for me, or my husband! Yay!!  We still drink this a lot each month, the benefits of it go way beyond hay fever. A family member uses it to help with arthritis pain and is seeing success with it too! 

Here are the recipes.

Original Juice Master Recipe 

  • Juice 1 inch of ginger with 1 apple, then drink like a shot.

My Hay Fever Recipe

  • Heat up some water (not boiling)

  • Grate 1 inch of ginger into the cup (Tip for quickly peeling ginger, use the back of a teaspoon)

  • Juice one lemon into the cup

  • If you want sweetener add a dash of honey (Try to get local honey as that will help you with the pollen in your area, if you don't have access to that use Manuka honey for it's higher potency)

  • Stir it all together and drink in the morning, and evening if you have really bad hay fever. 

TOP TIP FOR QUICKNESS - Freeze portions into ice cubes so all you need to do each morning is make some hot water and add in the ice cube!

*Disclaimer - I am not a doctor, this is all written from my personal experience of treating mine and my husband's hay fever. I truly believe that natural is the best way to heal and treat conditions in most cases.


Sam xo